ACL Staticide-24 Years
Static Control Solutions
Andersen Company-28 Years
Walk-off Matting Programs
Canberra Corporation-13 Years
The "Next Level" in Cleaning & Maintenance
Cargill-11 Years
De-Icers & Water Treatments
DEB Group-28 Years
Total Skincare Systems
Expanded Technologies-4 Years
Made to Move
Host-2 Years
Cleans Dry, Cleans Deep, Cleans Green
Kalle USA, Inc.-7 Years
KalleCloth-A Piece of Nature
Lambskin Specialties-31 Years
Nature at Work, Wool Dusters and Applicators
MotorScrubber-5 Years
Battery-Packin’--Dirt- Zappin-- Cleanin’ Machine!
O'Dell-11 Years
Wet/Dry mops & related products
Panasonic-3 Years
World Class Performance Vacuums
REN-2 Years
Escalator Cleaning System
Sigma Plastic Group -16 Years
Flexible Packaging & Plastic Films
Solo Incorporated-15 Years
Portable Spraying Equipment
Treleoni-4 Years
Floor, Hand and Coated Abrasives
Trion Chemicals-5 Years
Creative Chemical Specialist
Volk Protective Products-16 Years
Protective Gloves and Accessories
Air Movement Technology
Zenex International-17 Years
Formulating aerosol Experts
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The Future Is In Your Hands

We appreciate your interest and stand ready to provide all information and details specific to the manufacturers we represent.

For more than 30 years, our single focus continues to be the most effective and efficient sales resource for our Distributor and Manufacturer Partners.

We have developed a fully staffed and functional business service facility located in Lake Bluff, Illinois.

Proudly, we offer to each of our business associates the most professional, value-packed product lines available today within the industry.

We welcome all industry participants to work with us in developing our vision to provide a clean, healthy and safer environment.


Richard T. Friedman, CPMR

Featured Products

Classic Impression HD
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Corner Boy Display
The Corner Boy Display effectively showcases 24 Corner Boy Poms (346CB) and utility extension handles (117-5), using only 1.5 sq. ft. of valuable showroom space, in one pre-packed display case. This Corner Boy Duster will get those hard to reach spots ordinary dusters will not reach. The Corner Boy incorporates the same high quality as our other dusters in a design that is both simple, and functional. Complete with an acme thread, the Corner Boy fits interchangeably with our selection of extension handles. Stand dimensions: 12"W x 15"L 346CB 24 pcs 117-5 24 pcs
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Double Green Brooms & Brushes
The newest member of Echo Line "of environmentally preferable cleaning tools, O'Dell introduces the Double Green line of floor sweeps and brushes. These products combine recycled materials in new ways to create high quality, durable versions of these workhorses of the commercial cleaning industry.
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Family of Products
Diamond Crystal® brand offers an ice melter for every climate, rated on performance measures such as melting temperature and speed. With Cargill, you have a supplier you can trust for unsurpassed quality and service
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Gritty Foam
Gritty Foam
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Jaws International
Stop shipping water! It’s the right thing to do. The right thing for the consumer, the right thing for the supply chain, and the right thing for the environment! Millions of cleaners, hair care, pharmaceutical, sports drink, fertilizer and insecticide products that contain up to 99% water are shipped every day...
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Professional Kalle Cloth
Two Sizes available- The Handy Ones & The BIG Ones! Available in Yellow, Red, Blue & Green
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RCPM Scrubber
Short Handle MotorScrubber/30 inch handle
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Stripping Pad
From Strip to Shine!
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Surface Protection for Floors and Furniture
Useful in All Environments Expanded Technologies products are helpful in any environment: homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and schools. The products reduce maintenance costs by providing a variety of solutions that reduce damage and wear caused by furniture.
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Waterhog Logo Inlay
Put your company logo or any message on the industry's finest indoor/outdoor mat. With the Andersen Company's unique inlay process, the logo or message is specially cut out of different carpet colors. These carpet sections are then pieced together and bonded to a rubber backing to create a beautiful, long -lasting and practical image mat for any workplace. Select from 18 attractive colors in a large variety of sizes ranging from 2'x3' to 6'x20'. See Waterhog Classic for color availability. Available in Flat and Gripper backing types.
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Baseboard Brush
Baseoard Brush
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Lime Wash
Gentle but effective heavy duty hand cleanser with Deb’s patented combination of natural cornmeal hand scrub and light lime extracts. Ideal for most common industrial soilings. Contains moisturiser to help leave the skin soft and supple after use.
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Heavy Duty Staticide - #2005
Heavy Duty Staticide provides a long-lasting solution of static control problems for high friction materials. It is ideal for porous surfaces such as carpet, upholstery and fabrics.
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